While refining her leather skills in Florence, Yvonne Reichmuth lived in the quarter of Santo Spirito and started wondering what that β€œspirit” is all about.  It's meaning could never be fully grasped, as it has endless interpretations, dimensions and origins. But in the end it's "spiritus = breath"  that gives life to everything. Spirit is eternal transformation. 

Searching for the origins of transformation of life, Yvonne got inspired by the first forms of living being, the trilobites, found in Ernst Haeckels book "Art forms in nature". 

She created a line of versatile, feminine accessories that can transform a simple dress into an exquisite and unique look. Detailed tracery and lacing combined with skillfully developed cuts melt into a transcendental pieces of craftsmanship.

SPIRIT transforms million years old sources of inspiration and century old tanning techniques to present a collection of contemporary designs.