Delve into a world of soft curves, strong angles and sporty overtones with SLEEK, YVY’s collection of Swiss leather accessories.

This collection was inspired by the timelessly elegant designs of architects Oscar Niemeyer, Pier Luigi Nervi and Felix Candela. Their creative structures led us to develop pieces that seamlessly blend a complex construction with an overall clean and minimalistic design.

Attracted to the liberation and sensuality of the curve, we created these three-dimensional pieces that come to life as their lines organically snake around the body.

SLEEK’s cool look is emphasized not only by the color palatte of black and white material, but as well, is enhanced through the addition of technical mesh, also made in Switzerland.

To compliment our leather accessories we have designed YVY’s Classics. From form-fitting slip dresses to flowing wrap dresses, each piece is made to complete your look. The fabric’s smooth surface provides the perfect amount of elegance for day or night and due to it’s typical use in sportswear, it guarantees the highest level of comfort.

While expanding upon the concepts of our previous collections, we stay true to our overall aesthetic and vision. «My work is not about form follows function, but form follows beauty or, even better, form follows feminine.» - Oscar Niemeyer