Kukui brings the ambience of the YVY atelier to life. A space where creativity and inspiration become reality.
Suede leather, mysterious olibanum and rich, natural vetiver is balanced with a touch of sweet tonka and luxurious amber.
Presented in this unique bottle and elegant leather harness, the fragrance represents our mutual passion, transforming any space into a place of self expression.

  • made in Switzerland

  • 250 ml (8.45 fl. oz.) of fine room fragance

  • glass bottle with a leather harness and gold color hardware

  • includes 7 sticks

  • fragance lasts 2-3 months

  • to control the intensity of the scent, simply use fewer or more sticks. To increase the intensity of the sticks turn them over daily

  • comes in a black gift box with a black-gold label

  • Due to shipping restrictions for liquids, this product is only available for Europe. The minimum order for shipping outside Switzerland must be over 200 Euros. For questions please contact

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