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FEELINGS BOOK (non-profit)

SFr. 50.00

The FEELINGS Book is a non-profit-project. The revenue of this book will be donated to the Swiss organization FIZ (support for migrant women and victims of trafficking, advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are survivors of violence and exploitation).

You can choose how much you would like to donate. The bronze donation CHF 50 covers print cost and a small donation, you can also opt for the silver donation CHF 70 or the gold donation CHF 100.


1_ Ecstasy is captured in Cyrill Matter’s photography with surreal nudes.

The sought-after fashion and art photographer captures the desire to detach ourselves from the banal everyday and dive into another sphere.

2_How emotions feel in the body is described by author Michèle Roten in her honest writing style.

3_An intimate portrait of a pair of young lovers, singer Paula Dalla Corte and model Zion Walder, captured in analog and on 16mm by Marvin Hugentobler.

4_Courage is the theme of the three art pieces co-created by painter Pascal Möhlmann and YVY. In keeping with the artist's energetic brushstrokes,  Pascal and Yvonne discuss provocation and beauty in their work.

5_YVY brings like-minded people together - a family portrait of Team YVY.

6_ The musician CRIMER appears holy and devilish at the same time in Binta Kopp’s photography, with stimulating lyrics to question the handling of outer and inner conflicts.

7_With Priscilla Cheseaux, the Swiss model who is currently taking the fashion world by storm, we dare to look into the future in a photo series collaborated with the new label Apparel Research Studios – with whom we also co-designed a virtual reality headpiece.

Creative Direction
Yvonne Reichmuth & Marvin Hugentobler

Title, Editing and Curatorial Notes

Yiping Lin