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CORE BOOK (non-profit)

SFr. 50.00

The CORE Book is a non-profit-project. The revenue of this book will be donated to the independant Swiss organization FIZ (support for migrant women and victims of trafficking, advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are survivors of violence and exploitation.)

You can choose what you would like to give - the minimum will cover print cost and a small donation.

  • structured grey cover with white embossed title
  • 28.5 x 23 cm
  • 83 pages 
  • limited edition of 100 pieces, numbered and signed

“When everything falls away at once - what remains? When you peel away all your outer layers, what is revealed inside? What is your core?

In a socially and personally challenging year (2020) , this very recollection of the "core" has fascinated me. And whether this core corresponds with my outer image, my everyday life. This confrontation has of course also had an effect on my work.

In this book you will find old and newly created pieces. Pieces that are representative of my "core". There are photographs of my team, friends and models, shot in the atelier and in a studio. These images are shown alongside words of the portrayed persons describing their “Core” and questions that I have asked myself and that you can ask yourself. Last but not least, the book is enriched with a charming touching essay on the subject.”

- Yvonne Reichmuth, founder & CEO YVY GmbH