The genuine leather we choose

YVY's iconic vegetable-tanned leather embodies the experience of life and matures over time, improving with age and use. It's a rare material that testifies to the product’s naturalness, with no two pieces being the same. Tanned with natural tannins through a time-consuming century-old technique, vegetable-tanned leather is a renewable material that can biodegrade at the end of its lifecycle.
The Tuscan Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium ensures compliance with production regulations and operates in symbiosis with the environment. With metal-free and natural raw materials, environmental certification, social responsibility, compliance with standards, and a commitment to the circular economy and work ethics, YVY's vegetable-tanned leather is a sustainable and responsible choice.
No animals are killed for their hide and no exotic leather is used. 

For our softer pieces, we use the finest Nappa leather. This leather is also of Italian origin, and we select either calf leather or lambskin, depending on which best complements the design and aesthetic we are aiming for.

The beauty of aging

As leather ages, it becomes part of the wearer's personality and needs limited care. However, vegetable-tanned leather can be sensitive and should not be folded or squeezed when packing or storing it. YVY advises to treat your products with a leather lotion like an all-natural wax (e.g. Renapur). Stains can be easily removed by gently rubbing the black leather with a soft make-up remover towel. 

If your products is not worn for a long period of time the surface may appear white. Do not worry, this is normal and part of the humidity of the natural material, and can be polished away with a soft cloth.

We wish you many joyful moments with your YVY leather piece! May it become your very own treasure, evolving with you over time.

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