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YVY Leather_Ethics

We closely observe our environment and have developed our own unconventional strategies to stand out and stay true to our values.

Since our beginnings in 2014, each collection has been entitled and seasonless. Creating fewer collections but timeless classics allows us to invest time in refining the design, fit and quality of our products and fulfilling your custom orders.   

Each BESPOKE piece is handmade from the finest Italian leather and brought to life in YVY's studio in the heart of Zurich. Our EVERYDAY pieces are made either in Zurich or in collaboration with artisans in Florence.

All collections are made of the finest Italian leather, mainly vegetable tanned, and the mesh fabrics are made in Switzerland.

YVY stands for fair working conditions and an open and transparent production process. Out of compassion for all living creatures, we only use leather that is a byproduct of the food industry to ensure that no animal is killed for its skin. Most of our leather is vegetable tanned, a centuries-old artisan tradition based on the use of natural tannin extracts. This means that only natural oils and dyes are used, making it a safe process for workers and the environment. This lengthy process gives the leather a unique and natural look.

We believe in leather as a natural material that has stood the test of time with its long-lasting quality, stunning look and feel. We constantly keep up to date with the latest developments and respect all attitudes, but so far we haven't found an alternative to leather that meets our standards for design, quality and sustainability. If you're still looking for a non-animal alternative, contact us and we'll be happy to show you what we can offer.

We are happy to refresh or repair your YVY piece in our workshop in Zurich to ensure the longest possible life.

Still have questions? Contact us at or visit us in our Zurich studio and see how and by whom your YVY piece is made!