TIME Book (Non-profit)

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YVY's third book is a collection of six projects created in collaboration with various artists. From photographers to musicians and painters, this lavishly designed book gives an insight into the universe of YVY and guarantees inspiring moments.

The TIME Book is a non-profit-project. The revenue of this book will be donated to the Swiss organization FIZ (support for migrant women and victims of trafficking, advocates for the protection and rights of migrant women who are survivors of violence and exploitation).

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28.5 x 23 cm


Chapters and Collaborators

1_The first light we see, the last breath we take

The artist Alexander Bühler buried two leather skins underground: one is destined to remain an artistic artifact, while the other undergoes further metamorphosis at the hands of Team YVY.

2_Rhythm is a dancer

Five dancers from the Ballet Zurich melt into one another in their stillness and dynamic motion.

3_An invisible web, as fragile as dreams

Markus Pritzi played with passing unstructured time with the YVY pieces unveiled in this chapter, the crop top, long shirt, and dress demanded ten, fifteen, and twenty-five hours of knotting.

4_A timeless craft; A labour of love

The capsule collection portrayed in this chapter is the exploration of a new technique through an art form almost extinct in its original form. Eva Ott, a patient crafts-woman keeps the tradition of hand-pleating alive.

5_Don’t you wanna do that thing again

Cassette tapes and VHS burnt and re-burnt in the hope of sharing the rebellious dream This phenomenon is explored with images of the distortion generated by reproducing the music video (directed by Carnation Studio) of Sam Himself, ad infinitum.

6_Day destroys the night, night divides the day

Longines' DolceVita × YVY is a line of four watches that symbolize the shifting moods of the day: the inception of daylight with SoftHaze, late afternoon with Deep Sun, and dark night with Enigmatic Moon. This chapter includes photographs from David Black's recent monograph, Candy Mountain

Creative Direction

Yvonne Reichmuth & Marvin Hugentobler

Title, Editing and Curatorial Notes

Keith Fowler


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