The CLASSICS are our line of timeless clothing that has been carefully designed to create the perfect backdrop for each of our leather accessories.

As seen in our fashion shows and campaigns, this collection includes various styles ranging from feminine dresses to jumpsuits and high waist pants. Created solely with smooth black and white fabric, this clothing embodies the term classic. Each piece begins with a form-fitting structure and as the fabric glides down the body, it begins to naturally fall with a luxurious flow.

The fabric’s sleek surface provides just the right amount of elegance for day or night and due to it’s typical use in sportswear, it guarantees the highest level of comfort. With our love for detail, sewn into each item is our signature leather logo.

Keeping our ethical standards high, all fabric and production is done by small businesses within Europe. As we expand upon the concepts of our previous collections, YVY continues to stay true to our overall aesthetic and vision.