The main inspiration for the new YVY collection is Irish architect and fur­niture designer Eileen Gray (1878-1976) and Brutalist Architecture.

YVY designer, Yvonne Reichmuth, has turned a fascination of Eileen Grays work into wearable objects for the new collection – BRUT. Reichmuth has highlighted some of the essential elements that helped shaped Gray into one of the most important influences in contemporary design. Carefully considered and thoughtfully designed, BRUT is a reflection of the history and timeless design of the architect.

Gray perfected the art of lacquered furnishings, which Reichmuth has referenced with her use of both matte and glazed leather. Because of these design elements, YVY signature leather has a new finish. The new vegetable tanned leather has a lacquer feel and gloss, similar to patent leather, but without losing the character of its rugged nature.

Similarly, the geometric chrome elements of Grays furniture can be found in the silver hardware throughout the collection. Inspired by the changing functionality of Grays objects, YVY’s BRUT allows the wearer to modify their leather piece and create a new, unexpected look from the same object.

Grays fondness for men's clothing has influenced the choice of clothing for BRUT. The classic white shirt, together with an elongated black jacket and a refined trouser create a modern power suit. The pared back selection of clothing completes YVY's sensual image of women with androgynous coolness.

Born out of a collaboration with Swarovski, selected pieces carry a secret which can only be seen depending on the perspective of the observer, and the movement of the wearer. Crystals are used as connecting elements for the leather panels and reflect colour as soon as they hit the light. They bring something playful into the uncompromising collection, reduced simply to a black colour palette. The classic beauty of a diamond-shaped crystal is broken by the inspiration of brutalist architecture, which is reflected in linear and modular construction.

YVY manages to create new and unexpected techniques to produce a collection with a fresh take on crystals. Unprecedented, timeless and sophisticated: BRUT speaks to minimalists while leaving a lasting impression.