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YVY is excited to launch its latest work, the Buckle Trousers, in Sam Himself's new music video "Mr. RocknRoll".

The statement piece pays homage to the ultimate symbol of adolescent rebellion, leather trousers. Adorned by rock stars throughout the ages, the symbolistic clothing provides any wearer with the hedonistic edge so loved by godlike performers.






A testament to their transcendence and timeless design YVY created the relevant bespoke leather trousers with one eye on punk royalty and other on rockstars such as Sam Himself. Worn with swagger on the cover of Mr. Rocknroll the iconic Buckle Trousers’, will be available for pre-order in December 2022, following the launch at YVY's Gallery Takeover Event.

Custom-made in our Zurich-based Atelier, our artisans carefully assembled 68 Buckle closures, out of the finest Italian calf skin, to produce our very own take on this closet icon.

Next to the brand-new signature piece, Sam Himself wears his YVYEVERYDAY pieces; the UNI Rings and the the Minimalist Choker wrapped around his wrist.
Lost in thoughts and time, the singer can also be seen playing with the Cigarette Box and the Lighter Case.

The music video picks up on the beautifully weird aesthetic that has come to define Sam’s visual language while also charting new territory for the artist.

Director Raya al Souliman and photographer Horatiu Sovaiala of Romanian-Swiss Carnation Studio created the clip for Mr. Rocknroll based on a script Sam helped develop together with YVY founder Yvonne Reichmuth.

Mirroring the monologic voice of an imagined audience in the song’s lyrics, the video shows a leather-clad Sam prancing and parading through an empty Zurich café (the established Neumärt), his reflection his only witness.






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