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On Sunday, we welcome you for a virtual visit of the gallery. Take a tour around and soak up the work of the exhibiting artists. Gallery owner Stephan Witschi asks painter Marcel Gähler, photographer Paula Rae Gibson and designer Yvonne Reichmuth about what has touched them the most in the past few months, and what some of their wishes are for the future. Or as Paula shares through the webcam: “the luxury of our freedom”.

We hope you will enjoy diving into our world of art, fashion, music, dance. We look forward to meeting virtually and connecting at the intersection of our memories of being touched.

Are you still craving that physical connection?

The gallery will remain open until December 23rd. Let Stephan Witschi know when you would like to visit the work of Marcel Gähler and Paula Rae Gibson.

YVY’s studio can be visited by private appointment and all pieces can be touched and tried as desired. Simply send your appointment request to


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