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crimer x yvy leather cap visor


YVY's founder and creative director Yvonne Reichmuth collaborated with the Swiss pop singer Crimer for the chapter «TORN» of the latest book FEELINGS.

Feeling torn is a strong visceral reaction to the forceful differences between "is" and "ought (not)". It precedes decisions of change, and traps us in a liminal state of uncertainty and discomfort.

In this chapter the artist from St. Gallen is photographed by the upcoming photographer Binta Kopp, and together with Team YVY, an androgynous persona was created. Rendered in extravagant over-exposure that dedramatizes conflicts, the sum of Crimer's divergent appearances playfully dismantles cliches conceptions of some binary notions the world is based on.


crimer x yvy leather


The persona created is featured to masquerade interchanging roles of the holy and the devil, and mischievously pose as a demon or a demon in a boy's disguise.

While one can loosely detect the visual heritage of gothic or glam rock here, the deliberate choice of YVY's white closet instils a softened tone.


Crimer wears:

Picture 1: Sleek Visor and the Mesh Arm Piece set.

Picture 2: The UNI Shoulder Piece.

Picture 3: The Asymmetric Shoulder Piece.

Picture 4: The Eyelet Belt 3 and the Eyelet Belt 1.6.

Picture 5: The UNI Shoulder Piece and the Minimalist Choker.

Picture 6: The Eyelet Belt 3 and the Eyelet Belt 1.6.

Picture 7: The Snake Cuff Bracelet.

Picture 8, 10 & 11: The UNI Shoulder Piece and the Minimalist Bracelet.

Picture 9: The UNI Shoulder Piece combined with the Minimalist Harness and the Snake Neck Piece. As well as, the Minimalist Bracelet and the Snake Cuff Bracelet.




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