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In this edition of STYLING SESSIONS, the spotlight shines on one of YVY's most iconic creations – The Moon Belt.

Crafted from the finest Italian vegetable-tanned leather, the Moon Belt boasts a design that seamlessly blends fashion and function. Featuring two saddle pieces on each side and elegantly secured by an accent gold buckle, this belt not only infuses an air of sophistication into the wearer's attire but also accentuates their natural silhouette. A dream addition to any wardrobe, the Moon Belt is available in two classic colours: timeless black and rich dark brown.

YVY's founder, Yvonne Reichmuth, adorns three outfits styled with the Moon Belt, showcasing how this leather belt can elevate a wearer's look when paired with both elegant dresses and sophisticated pants, offering versatility and timeless sophistication.

Whether aiming to make a statement at a formal event or to add an extra edge to one's everyday attire, the Moon Belt is the epitome of understated luxury and style. Explore YVY's entire collection of leather belts to discover more statement pieces.


Look 1: Wear the Moon Belt with an elegant maxi dress to create an effortlessly stylish look for formal occasions

woman wearing yvy leather black moon belt with white maxi dress


Look 2: Achieve a balance of drama and sophistication by accessorising an eye-catching outfit with the Moon Belt's classic design and colours

woman wearing yvy leather black moon belt with red dress


Look 3: Wear the Moon Belt with a sleek all-black outfit to add a hint of romance with the belt's sensual curves

woman wearing yvy leather black moon belt with black top and pants


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