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two men wearing yvy leather shoulder pieces with tank tops


In this edition of STUDIO STORIES, we ventured beyond the YVY atelier to explore the stylish abode of a charismatic couple based in Zurich – Simon and Cristian.

Their journey with YVY began years ago when they first met YVY's founder, Yvonne. They were captivated by her provocative and imaginative designs, which resonated with their creative spirits and values.

As a managing director at Charles Blunier & Co. and STUDIO Magazine, Simon is at the heart of Zurich's fashion and cultural landscape. Cristian, a quietly brilliant mind from the software industry, brings a contrasting dynamic to the relationship. Their studio is an eclectic space filled with fashionable furniture and quirky objects from their travels, mirroring the harmony of their distinct characters.

Dressed in YVY's signature leather body pieces and jewellery, like the sculptural UNI Shoulder Piece and sleek Bolo Choker, Simon and Cristian showcase their individual styles effortlessly. The boldness of YVY's pieces highlights their unique flair, while the precise leatherwork complements the sophisticated ambiance of their Zurich studio. 

Read their full interview to discover more about their work and passion and what connects them to YVY.


Who are you?

I'm Simon, and I grew up in Bern, Switzerland. I'm Cristian, and I’m from Guanacaste, Costa Rica.


How did you meet?

Simon: We met in Costa Rica 14 years ago and have been living together in Zurich for ten years.


Thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful abode for this photoshoot!

Simon: Thank you for coming by! Each room has its spirit, character and meaning. The flat is decorated with many memories from travelling and experiences we had. This apartment is our sixth here in Zurich, right?

Cristian: Yes (rolling his eyes).

Simon: The blend of different styles reflects our characters, and we feel very comfortable in our creatively mixed and curated home. We have a range of iconic and contemporary pieces, and a lot of art.


What do you do professionally?

Simon: I'm Managing Director at the branding agency, Charles Blunier & Co., and STUDIO Magazine.

Cristian: I work in a software agency in Zurich.


Simon, what do you seek to portray in your work? How do you feel about keeping print alive in the modern digital society?

Simon: In today's fast-paced life and "not having time for anything", with both private and business calendars full to the brim, it is essential to slow down again and focus more on deeper content. The decision to publish a physical magazine was an anti-cyclical idea against everything the magazine culture was moving towards. STUDIO Magazine shows art and fashion in contemporary culture. We give artists a platform to deal with the magazine topic, mostly a brand or product. This results in entirely new stories, views and creations. They deal with the topic artistically and create never-before-seen works, supplemented with an interview or text by the artist. Our magazine allows the reader to take time to immerse themselves in a contemporary topic. 


And what's your passion outside of work?

Simon: My passion is interior design. As I'm a Gemini, there are, of course, 10 other things that I'm passionate about. I love redecorating our home and buying and browsing through the latest interior magazines. Cristian shares this passion with me and always gives me a helping hand. What inspires me is everything outside of Zurich. Paris is my favourite when it comes to fashion and I soak up everything else when Cris and I are travelling around. We love discovering new places – museums, restaurants, exhibitions and shops. We usually go on a short trip abroad or just to visit my family in Bern. If we have more time, then Costa Rica, of course. Cris does a lot of sports, reads a lot and is a wonderful dancer. I'm mostly on the road with friends or on a business trip.


What do you dream of? What are you proud of?

Simon: Our biggest dream is a nice house by the sea with a cute garden. Definitely proud of the relationship we have, not just with each other but with all of our friends. Zürich can be a complicated city, so nothing is better than surrounding yourself with kind and inspiring people.


Do you think fashion has an impact on your life? 

Simon: Fashion has always been essential to me. I was a stylist's assistant in my early 20s and was self-employed for a while. Fashion has always been a part of my life. My grandmother always told me that even if you go to the supermarket, you must dress nicely. Imagine someone important sees you... and I've remembered that.


How would you describe your own style? What do you like about each other’s style?

Cristian: I would describe my style as more traditional. I love pleated trousers, a tank top and a pair of nice boots with a bit of heel. What I love about Simon's style is his creativity when it comes to putting pieces together and giving them a twist.


Do you have a piece you are obsessed with?

Simon: I am completely in love with all my bags. One of my favourite pieces is the Bolo Chocker. If it fits, I love to wear it with a shirt. Cris?

Cristian: My Jil Sander bag.

Simon: The best thing about fashion is that it allows us to experiment and, in that way, show different facets of our personality. So, be using a basic outfit but giving it that special touch, or it could be wearing a more elevated accessory or a pop of colour.


How do you know about YVY?

Simon: Firstly, YVY connects us personally with Yvonne. We met the wonderful Yvonne a few years ago and she immediately captured our hearts. When she invited us to her studio, her work completely blew us away. The products are all thought through, down to the last detail and made by hand. Fantastic! Yvonne's work has many parallels with my work. We both pursue very similar values in terms of product and service.


How would you describe the universe of YVY to others?

Simon: Handmade, iconic, perfectionist leather pieces.


Picture 1: Simon wears The Ring Choker

Picture 3: Simon wears The UNI Shoulder Piece and UNI Bracelet

Picture 5: Cristian wears The Asymmetric Shoulder Piece and Net Vest

Picture 6 & 8: Cristian wears The Asymmetric Body Piece (launching soon)

Picture 7: The Ring Key Holder

Picture 9: The Mini Box with The Minimalist Key Chain

Picture 10: Cristian wears The Bolo Choker


closeup of man wearing yvy leather black ring choker with scarf

yvy studio stories coffee table details

man wearing yvy leather uni shoulderpiece with tanktop

yvy studio stories side desk details

man wearing white yvy leather asymmetric shoulderpiece and net vest

man sitting on yellow armchair wearing yvy leather asymmetric bodypiece

yvy leather ring key holder still life man wearing yvy leather asymmetric body piece with beige shirt and black pants

yvy leather mini box still life

man wearing yvy leather bolo choker with black and white shirt


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