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Luísa, Studio Manager for YVY, arrived in Zurich a year ago specifically to continue her personal fashion journey from being the subject within a campaign to supporting a progressive and disruptive creative team building a brand, bringing ideas and inspiration to reality.

Only 24, and from Portuguese roots, Luísa does not define herself by a specific style but rather playfully combines fashionable expression with daily mood. Describing outfit expression Luísa revealed “I use my outfits to express how I want to feel. For example, if I want to feel powerful through a strong look, I will always compliment my outfit with a YVY piece.”

Luísa was introduced to YVY through a friend and whilst exploring the brand fell in love with the spectacular range of choice and preference and instantly knew that she wanted to be part of YVY’s journey. Ambition is a common denominator for both the brand and her own values, Luísa, knew she could be true to herself whilst fulfilling her dream of being part of a talented fashion house. The rest is history as some might say.

As a major part of the business development team, Luísa easily articulates her love for the material and brand – “I love the smell and texture of leather. It is such a special material, it can be stiff and seem like protective armour or soft and feel like its seamlessly part of your own skin.”

Luísa’s favourite YVY piece is her Wrap Bra in black. For her, it is an amazing piece because it is sexy and edgy and can be worn in different ways, usually under a blazer or shirt — "I appreciate how this piece represents YVY's signature by being both a statement piece but also playful and easy going".

During Milan Fashion Week, her go-to outfit was the UNI Harness over a vintage blue Ralph Laurent over-sized suit. A classic look overlaid with raw YVY power. During the shoot, Luísa had the opportunity to represent YVY in a UNI Harness over a UNI Jumpsuit, stating that she feels she can always achieve whatever she wants when she wears an YVY piece.


Luísa wears:

Picture 1: The Open Vest.

Picture 2, 4 & 6: The Wrap Bra.

Picture 3: The Eyelet Top.

Picture 5: The UNI Jumpsuit combined with the UNI Harness and Eileen Bracelet.


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