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YVY Studio Stories


We invited the jewelry designer Milko Boyarov (@milko_boyarov_studio) to visit us and be part of YVY’s September Studio Stories.

Originally from Bulgaria and living in Zurich since 2014, Milko shares with us that he likes to wear clothes that do not necessarily match, and that most of the time, he wears black. 

The jeweller emphasizes, “I like having stand-out accessories - glasses, hats, belts, shoes - and jewellery”, while wearing the Martial Top – a bespoke piece exhibited publicly for the first time in this Studio Stories (1st picture).

Milko views clothes as an armor, which can help him hide and at the same time express himself, he adds “YVY's designs give me exactly that feeling”. The jeweller discloses that his love for leather comes from the material’s touch, scent and texture.

While trying out YVY’s newest piece – the Tulle Tank Top – Milko mentions, “I love the exceptional quality of YVY, and I admire the attention to detail Yvonne has in each of her pieces.”

Milko says that what connects him to YVY is the “friendship over the years, discussions and passion for design, and lovely evenings”.

Thank you, Milko, for cheering up our day with your visit to the studio!


Milko wears:

Picture 1: The bespoke Martial Top

Picture 2: The Tulle Tank Top and the Mesh Leather Shopper

Picture 3: The Buckle Belt 3, the Key Covers and the Asymmetric Shoulder Piece

Picture 4: The UNI Jumpsuit and the Cigarette Box

Picture 5: The Asymmetric Shoulder Piece


Analog photography by Marvin Hugentobler.


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