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The first studio story of 2023 is dedicated to one of the people who has been on YVY’s journey since the very beginning.

15 years ago, YVY founder Yvonne met model Sandra Jahn at a photo shoot of Yvonne’s first designs. The two realised that they were not only connected by the world of fashion, but also by their love of metal music. Yvonne's graduate collection in 2008 was inspired by this world, and with Sandra as her muse, it marked the end of her fashion design training and the beginning of a long friendship.

The fully laced leather trousers you see below were part of Yvonne's graduate collection and have been in Sandra's wardrobe ever since.


yvy leather wrap bra


Over the years, we have also received Sandra in ever-changing wardrobes.

"I change my style all the time, according to my mood. Sometimes I'm hippie, sometimes punk, sometimes elegant... but it's always my own style." Sandra tells us while we try on her many different outfits in combination with her extensive YVY collection. She has over a dozen pieces that have accompanied her through these fashion and personal transformations, her favourite being the Spine Harness.

“I buy selected pieces in leather in a conscious way. These pieces will stay with me forever.”

Thank you Sandra for being part of the journey of YVY and sharing your story in this edition of Studio Story!

Sandra wears:
Picture 1 & 4: The Minimalist Harness Two Tone.
Picture 2 & 5: The Wrap Bra.
Picture 3: The Wrap Corsage.






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