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For the October Issue of Studio Stories, we invited Michel Ivan Hueter, born 1972 in Biel/Bienne.

He has worked in the luxury industry for many years, even for the Foreign Ministry and is currently working under the name "Enabling Design Collaborations", where he is connecting clients from different industries, bringing the right people together.

Michel first discovered and learned about YVY, when Yvonne Reichmuth submitted her products for the Design Prize Switzerland which he curated for the past 11-years. "Since YVY was recognized several times and we were showcasing the pieces internationally, I have a particular familiarity with the products themselves, and I have followed the developments of the brand and Yvonne as an entrepreneur. I have a genuine appreciation for YVY and Yvonne. " says Michel.

"I was immediately taken away by the intelligent play with boundaries of both feelings of sexual connotation, moods and personalities that lay within us and characteristics like audacity, power and even softness. The products help to reflect the often-unspoken inner monologue. Providing a platform to express our darker side with elegance and class. "

Asked about his relationship to fashion, he expains: "My grandmother had class and style, the kind that you are born with. Her glamour was natural, and her flair influenced me from the beginning. I have always been quite eclectic about what I like and how I combine it. I am always looking for pieces that have a point of view as a garment, be it the perfect material, a plain T-shirt or a blazer with a little, subtle detail that distinguishes the piece but does not overpower my personal appearance."

Michel revealed that he was very surprised and proud when he was asked to participate in the Studio Stories. "If Yvonne thinks I represent or reflect the brand, then it must mean something! I had to bring up some courage to accept the invitation to be in front of the camera and to be portrayed in the studio story. Of course, my inhibitions were allayed, as everything with Yvonne and Marvin felt natural. I enjoyed the day and felt increasingly relaxed and confident."

Thank you Michel, for sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. 


Michel wears:

Picture 1: The UNI Shoulder Piece.

Picture 2: The UNI Harness with the Pocket Bag.

Picture 3: The Bolo Choker.

Picture 5: The Mesh Shopper combined with the Buckle Belt 3 and the Lighter Case.


yvy harness

yvy choker



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