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yvy leather

This month we invited the versatile Nilu to visit our atelier. Nilu is a 20-year-old graphic designer, model and in her spare time she makes music, as an expression of her feelings and experiences.

Her fascination with leather comes from the strong expressive power of the material “it can be both soft and hard”, she tells us while she runs her fingers through the Snake Bustier.

Nilu tells us that for her, clothing is an art form and a way to communicate and express herself. She adds that she uses clothing to reinvent herself and inspire others.

The young creator reveals that when she came across YVY she was “immediately fascinated by the brand and all the great people who stand for and behind YVY”. Nilu shares with us that YVY’s pieces make her feel confident and strong — and our team couldn't be happier to hear this!

Thank you, Nilu, for being part of the November edition of Studio Stories.


Nilu wears:

Picture 1: The Beret with the Neck Tie Scarf.

Picture 2: The Snake Bustier in white over the Etui Dress.

Picture 3: The Eileen Bracelet and the Wrap Top.

Picture 4: The Bolo Choker and the Wrap Bracelet.

Picture 6: The Bolo Choker.

yvy leather bustier

yvy leather

yvy leather

yvy leather

yvy leather


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