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 woman wearing yvy brown uni vest with white shirt dress


In this edition of STUDIO STORIES, we had the pleasure of hosting Miriam from the vibrant city of Berlin at our Zurich atelier. Miriam and Yvonne met in recent months and quickly formed a connection driven by their shared entrepreneurial journeys and deep appreciation for timeless and forward-thinking design.

Miriam is no stranger to challenging norms and blazing new trails. From her role as a partner in an international consulting firm to her globe-trotting adventures, where she immerses herself in diverse cultures, Miriam embodies the essence of a contemporary career woman with an unyielding zest for life. With her expanding collection of YVY pieces, Miriam effortlessly exudes an air of grace and natural confidence while adorning YVY's iconic leather body pieces, belts and clothing.

Read the full interview to discover Miriam's passion, signature style and love for wearing YVY.


Who are you? 

I am Miriam, and I live in Berlin with my husband and two dogs. I am a partner in an international management consulting firm, where I focus on digital innovation, business models, digital ecosystems and customer experience excellence.


What are you passionate about? 

I love travelling the world and getting to know different cultures and different foods. When I travel, I like to sit in cafés and watch the locals going about their daily lives. Otherwise, I like to go for long walks in the forest with the dogs.

What do you dream of? What are you proud of? 

I don’t have one dream. I have many small things I want to do and achieve. I usually have a project that I set my mind to. Learning a new language, renovating the kitchen, de-cluttering my closet, etc.

However, it is not that what makes me proud. Rather, I am proud when my team and I achieve something significant. Pride is actually my number one motivator! Feeling proud at the end of a day, at the end of a week, month or year – that is what keeps me going. But it needs to be in a team context and ambitious to qualify.


Do you think fashion has an impact on your life? 

Absolutely! I remember when I was a young girl at school, I used to pick my outfit already the evening before, and I would lay all the items down on the ground to check what the end result will look like. I always loved to colour match. I have moved away from that a bit and am a bit more practical. Wearing classical, timeless pieces that can be combined with anything. But overall, the right outfit helps me feel good and boosts my confidence.


How would you describe your style? 

I have many styles. I tend not to be a fashion victim, so I do not follow the latest trends, but I like to have a variety of styles to pick from.

I am very versatile and very curious. I like exploring new things and I find that I can blend in quite nicely most of the time. Dressing for the occasion, so to speak.


What is your go-to outfit? 

My go-to outfit is a pair of slim-fit jeans and an oversized white shirt. Whenever I feel bold and ready to conquer the world, YVY is my go-to choice. YVY leather pieces are true statement pieces. I love wearing them when I feel like I have something to say that day, regardless of the occasion or what I have planned.


How do you know YVY? 

I met Yvonne while on holiday in Hvar without knowing what she does. Yvonne is very modest and I only found out at a later time what an incredibly talented designer she is.


What connects you to YVY? 

The quality, the fact that the designs are bold, a bit daring sometimes, curious and imaginative, while at the same time, are very clear and straightforward. To sum it up, YVY is very clean, straightforward, and geometrical but at the same time, playful, creative and imaginative. Kind of the way I see myself. I am very strategic, analytical, no frills, very clear, but I also have a creative, playful, imaginative and passionate side.


Which YVY pieces do you own? 

My first YVY pieces were the Equestrian Harness and Wrap Harness. Currently, I also have the UNI Jumpsuit and UNI Harness, which I wear with matching gadgets like the Mini Box and Moon Bag. This outfit is playful, stylish and very practical! Recently, during the Berlin pop-up, I fell in love with the Elieen Harness and got it too. And I have my eye on several more pieces :-) 


You have an impressive collection of YVY pieces! Do you have tips for someone wearing YVY for the first time?

Don’t be shy – just do it.


Miriam wears:

Picture 1: The Buckle Belt 5, Moon Bag and Hooks

Picture 2: The UNI Jumpsuit and UNI Harness

Picture 3: The UNI Vest

Picture 4: The Eyelet Belt 1.6


yvy studio stories miriam wearing leather buckle belt 5 and mini box 

yvy studio stories miriam wearing women's UNI Jumpsuit and leather UNI Harness

yvy studio stories miriam wearing dark brown uni vest and white shirt dress

yvy studio stories miriam wearing white eyelet belt 1.6 with shirt dress


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