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YVY shoulder piece


Studio Stories brings together people who are part of YVY’s atmosphere universe: customers, friends, collaborators, there is room for everyone. For this spring edition, we asked Amber to be part of Studio Stories. The first reason we chose her is that she is one of the people who produces the pieces that you see, touch and wear when you come to our atelier. And the other reason is that between her bubbly personality, her love of leather and extreme sports, Amber has a lot to say.

The 21-years-old tailor begins the interview by talking about her passions – riding motorbikes and gliding on planes. While she adjusts the strap of her UNI Shoulder Piece, she makes jokes about the time she was 14-years-old and riding a “Töffli” (moped). She now rides a 300cc – in case you don't know about motorbikes, it’s a big one – and says that she already dreams of a 600cc.

The fashion design student wants to fly high, 2000 metres to be exact. When she's not working in her studio or at school, she trains for her glider licence. “A friend took me one day and I thought “I can do this too!”.

She tells us that these sports make her feel free and empowered and adds that fashion can have that same effect on her. Amber adds that she also feels stronger when she wear YVY body pieces – “They are a statement. They make my looks more unique and I feel powerful.”

Amber has already quite a collection of YVY pieces, but she admits that there is a favorite “I love my UNI Vest. I love most of the pieces, but this one particularly”. Maybe because she made it herself, or maybe simply because she loves the feel, smell and durability of leather.

Thank you Amber for gracing our studio with your skills and smiles!


Amber wears:

Picture 1: The UNI Shoulder Piece in white combined with the Etui Dress.

Picture 2 & 4: The UNI Vest in black.

Picture 3: The UNI Harness.


yvy uni vest harness

yvy uni harness

yvy uni vest harness


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