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For March we invited Elion to be part of Studio Stories. We met the 23-year-old at YVY’s last photo shoot in Zurich. On the set he tells us that what he loves most about modelling is the fact that he can slip into different roles.

Elion feels inspired by fashion and is constantly looking for different styles to implement in his looks. His typical outfit at the moment is a black turtle neck with a grey coat and a chino in black.

While wearing the UNI Rings, the model emphasises that he loves accessories because they spice up a simple outfit like his current favorite look. “Sure as hell I’m going to acquire the UNI Harness with all possible attachments,” he says while he shows off his acrobatic skills dressed in the harness – and we can say that he has already started his collection!

In conversation with the team, Elion describes why leather is a fascinating material: "Not only is it elegant, but it also adds a kind of "soft tension" to an outfit". According to Elion, what connects him with YVY is not just the pieces but also the brand’s spirit and the concept of the brand itself.

Thank you, Elion, for all the fun you’ve brought to YVY’s set!

Elion is wearing:

Picture 1 & 3: The Net Vest and the UNI Shoulder Piece.

Picture 2 & 5: The Buckle Choker and the Cord Necklace, combined with the Eyelet Belt 3 and the Neck Strap Rivet.

Picture 4: The UNI Harness and the Buckle Choker.

Picture 6: The UNI Rings and the Neck Tie Scarf as a belt.







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