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YVY Wrap bra


For the June edition of Studio Stories, we had a great chat and analog photo session with Sophia. You may have already seen her face around our website and social networks, as we met the German model at a photoshoot in our studio.

The 20-year-old explains that she tries to demonstrate her aesthetics through the way she dresses, “I like to stick with black, brown and beige tones” she says while combines the Eileen set - bracelet and choker - with an entirely black outfit.

The young model shares that she has always liked wearing leather garments due to the versatility of the material, “leather adds something special to every outfit and you can combine it in so many different ways”.

Additionally, Sophia tells us that she likes elegant and unique outfits, and that she uses fashion and jewelry as a way to express herself. The model already has in her YVY collection the Mini Handharness and the UNI Bracelet, “these pieces are really filigree and easy to combine. I feel very good while wearing them, they make any simple outfit unique!”.

Thank you, Sophia, for your trust in one of your first professional photo shoots, we loved having you in front of the camera.


Sophia wears:

Picture 1: The Wrap Bra.

Picture 2 & 5: The Eileen set - choker and bracelet.

Picture 3: The UNI Vest and the Ring Choker.

Picture 4: The Wrap Harness.

Picture 6: The UNI Vest.


yvy leather


YVY wrap harness

YVY Eileen set



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