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Studio Stories brings together people who are part of YVY’s universe: customers, friends, collaborators, there is room for everyone. For July, we open the door of our atelier for you to meet Jonathan, a talented craftsman that was part of Team YVY for the last one year and a half.

The 20-year-old tells us that his hobby is creating and tailoring clothes from scratch for his own wardrobe, “having the skills to draft my own patterns and then sew garments, is something that I really cherish”. He adds that what connects him with YVY is the artisanal process that goes into every piece and the endeavor to create pieces that are different and unique.

Jonathan describes his style as “gothy” and elegant. The connection to YVY's style is evident as he defines it as “floating stylistic between elegant and punky, yet always keeping the primal rawness of leather”. You will find him around Zurich in an all-black outfit, carrying his Spirit Tote Bag and with amazing j on. For our shooting, he decided to wear the Eyelet Choker 1.6 as a bracelet and the Ring Key Holder as a statement neck piece.

The craftsman counts with several YVY pieces in his wardrobe. While wearing his Wrap Harness, Jonathan explains to us that he uses the pieces in different ways, “some of the pieces became my everyday companion and belong to my day-to-day life, the others are more reserved for special occasions”.

Besides his considerable collection, Jonathan tells us that his favorite item is the Carapace Harness, a bespoke piece inspired by H.R. Gigers’ art, which he also admires very much.

Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing your passion and talent with us!


Jonathan wears:

Picture 1: The Asymmetric Shoulder Piece combined with the UNI Rings and the Eyelet Choker 1.6 as a bracelet.

Picture 2: The Wrap Harness.

Picture 3: The Spirit Tote Bag and the UNI Rings.

Picture 4: The Ring Key Holder Long, the UNI Rings and the Eyelet Choker 1.6 as a bracelet.



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