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This month we invited Caterina to be part of Studio Stories. The architecture student sent us an application where she described herself as a down-to-earth fan who discovered her love for the fashion world through YVY.

While wearing her UNI Rings, Caterina tells us that during her teenage years, she was a self-proclaimed punk. “I’m not exaggerating when I say that YVY was the one brand that changed my mind and got me into fashion design”. She adds that she was never interested in fashion because she believed that a true feminist woman should not be interested in her appearance. However, Caterina tells us that when she saw the Shibui Bra, it was love at first sight, so much so that she later used this Bespoke piece as motivation to make more tips in her side job as a waitress.

Caterina has quite a collection of our items and tells us that “owning YVY pieces feels like having an ace up your sleeve – whenever I put a piece on, the outfit is complete and has its edge”. The student also mentions that she feels empowered even when wearing YVY’s smallest accessories, such as her Mini Handharness. Going to our shoot, Caterina confessed that she was nervous since it was her first time in front of the camera, but by the end of the day she told us that “the women of YVY as well as the pieces did their magic: making me feel bold and sensual and fun.”

Thank you, Caterina, it was our team’s pleasure to get to know one more YVY enthusiast.

Caterina wears:

Picture 1 & 6: The Open Vest with the Eileen Bracelet.

Picture 2: The Laced Curve Harness.

Picture 3: The Neck Tie Scarf.

Picture 4: The Wrap Corsage and the Buckle Choker.

Picture 5: The Tulle Tank Top, the UNI Shoulder Piece and the UNI Bracelet



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