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Yvonne was introduced to Jutamas for the first time at a neighbour’s garden party. An immediate connection was struck upon as she admired the Cigarette Box that Yvonne was wearing. The excitement resulted in Jutamas’ first purchase, a gift, generous as we know her to be.

Since the pleasant and enjoyable interaction, the thai-born creative director has visited the YVY studio many times. A beautiful consequence of her proximity, as she lives and works from her open loft flat just around the corner. Sharing her collection, Jutamas revealed “I have both leather pieces and clothing from YVY - Every choice has its own story.”

A favored piece is the UNI Jumpsuit worn wide open, taking away the severity and adding a bit of seduction. To add elegance to the look, she compliments a Brut Belt and shows us a surprising combination that’s even new to the team!

Jutamas likes to choose brands she can wear exclusively. To our shoot, she brings black and white clothes from Swiss designers like Ida Gut, another brand that fit the minimalist, effortless cool look that she’s known for. The conceptual designer and producer explains that the people and passion behind the brands awaken a fascination in her that drives a love for the product “I treat myself to local labels, I'm worth it” she shares excitedly.

“My style is also confident and independent. It’s elegant, puristic and exclusive.” cheekily laughing, "and sometimes a little provocative.” Sharing a glass of champagne during the Studio Story, she describes that she feels sexy, free and natural, just like at home.

Whenever you bump into Jutamas in Zurich, you see a woman who knows what she wants and what suits her, and when you get to know her it is immediately clear that it is not only her looks but also her character. We cannot imagine a better model for our pieces and we are delighted to accessorize her on her YVY journey.

In an interview of Jutamas, we read that “the separation of work and private life does not exist in my life: creatives become partners and partners become friends". And we are honored to be a part of both.

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Jutamas wears:

Picture 1: The BRUT Waist Belt and the UNI Jumpsuit.

Picture 2: The BRUT Hat combined with the Star Handpiece.

Picture 3: The Moon Belt.

Picture 4: The Bucket Bag and the Star Handpiece.




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