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This month for Studio Stories, we portray a regular guest of our atelier. This time, we invited Helene, 44, to stay a little longer and be part of our April photo shoot. The French stylist discovered YVY when she befriended Yvonne Reichmuth many years ago and wears the pieces with a typically French nonchalance.
When Helene arrived at our studio, we immediately noticed that most of her clothes are designer pieces from the last few decades. For example, these wide trousers by Vivienne Westwood and the white top by Dries Van Noten, which she combines with our red UNI Vest.

Asked about the origins of her love for fashion, Helene tells us that as a child her grandmother used to take her to shops selling leftover couture fabrics that she could make anything from.

From this experience, Helene explains that sustainability and craftsmanship are important to her, which is why she wears selected, high-quality vintage clothing almost exclusively.

Helene describes her style as her own, “I rarely keep one style in one outfit. Why would one do that when the possibilities are endless? Nobody is just one thing. Personalities are intricate and layered.”.

Moreover, she tells us that texture is very important for her, as it appeals to our sense of touch and not just sight, “when you put an outfit together the balance you create with different textures can be the most important ingredient.” That's why she appreciates the unique feel and look of leather.
While wearing her last outfit for our shoot, the jumpsuit with the white Wrap Bra underneath, she adds that she has a lot of fun integrating YVY pieces in her wardrobe “I love mixing them with casual outfits, it really transforms them”.
Thank you, Helene, for an amazing day and for inspiring us through your outfits.


Helene wears:

Picture 1 & 5: The UNI Vest and the Ring Bracelet.

Picture 2 & 7: The Wrap Dress.

Picture 3: The Wrap Bra and the Minimalist Choker as a bracelet.

Picture 4: The Two Tone Eyelet Belt and the Ring Bracelet.

Picture 6: The Wrap Bra.





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