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Rhythm is a dancer



In the first of six projects featured in our book "TIME", YVY teamed up with five incredibly talented dancers from Ballet Zurich and renowned photographer Sandro Baebler to create sensual images in motion and a mesmerizing film that captures their beauty and grace.

The dancers melt into one another and wear a curated selection of YVY's core collection in the new dark brown colour, as well as in black and white. All pieces are made of the finest Italian leather and are handcrafted in Italy and Switzerland.




Staying true to YVY's timeless and elegant style, the dark brown colour is a perfect addition to your capsule wardrobe and can be worn effortlessly from day to night.

The new colour is achieved through a century-old vegetable tanning technique, which uses only natural tannins and is chrome-free. This colour is available for some of YVY's all-time favourite pieces, such as the UNI Harness, UNI Vest, Moon Belt, Buckle Belts, Ring Choker and Ring Bracelet.



Cohen Aitchison-Dugas (CAN) wearing the Asymmetric Shoulder Piece and Eyelet Belt 1.6



Désirée Guler (CH) wearing the Minimalist Harness Two Tone



Théo Just (FR) wearing the Buckle Belt 5, UNI Bracelet and Ring Bracelet



Sujung Lim (KR) wearing the UNI Vest



Riccardo Mambelli (IT) wearing the Martial Top, Wrap Pants and Vertical Brick Ring



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