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YVY presents the Plissé Capsule Collection, made in collaboration with Plisseebrennerei's Eva Ott and lensed by photographer Sabina Bösch. This collection, titled "A Timeless Craft; A Labour of Love", is featured in our latest book TIME and nominated for Swiss Design Awards 2023.

Hand-crafted is time made visible. In this new capsule, YVY explores the technique of hand pleating, an art almost extinct in its original form. Working with a patient craftswoman, who against time and industrial pressure, keeps the tradition alive, YVY reinterprets its strong leather designs with flowing pleated fabric. What emerges is something unexpectedly refined and raw, decorous and disobedient.


The art of hand pleating

Eva Ott, who co-created this exquisite capsule, is the last artisan in Switzerland specialising in hand pleating. Numerous transformations of original designs were made that produced something one-of-a-kind: Eva developed the unique paper patterns; fabric and the softest leather were synthesised; geometric and flowing forms coalesced.

At Eva's studio, two artisans work alongside each other: measuring, drawing, creasing and shaping each fold. Once the paper is folded, it is pressed tightly together, tied up and placed in a large steam oven, where the pleats get heat set. Without chemicals, nor additives; just pressure, heat steam and the cooling and drying give the textile its new shape.

In the age of mass-produced clothing, hand pleating is an unashamedly time-consuming process that gives value to the time and care taken to craft each piece.


The capsule

The Plissé capsule features a bag and modular clothing, including tops, skirts, pants, and a dress. Feel the gift of timelessness through these intricately handcrafted pieces.


The Plissé Leather Top

In combination with The Minimalist Bracelet



The Plissé Top



The Plissé Top

In combination with The Open Wrap Top



The Open Wrap Top




The Plissé Dress

In combination with The Buckle Belt 5



The Plissé Dress

In combination with The UNI Bracelet



The Plissé Skirt

In combination with The Ring Bracelet



The Plissé Skirt



The Plissé Half Leather Skirt

In combination with The Buckle Choker



The Plissé Wrap Pants

In combination with The Triangle Top




The Plissé Bag



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