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The «INTIMACY» chapter from our latest book FEELINGS is an intimate portrait of a pair of young lovers. Paula Dalla Corte is a promising young singer and her boyfriend Zion Walder models for global luxury brands.

The couple partnered with YVY's creative director and founder, Yvonne Reichmuth, for a session of analog photography captured by Marvin Hugentobler on 16mm.

Love has a funny way of shaping our perceptions of time and space, it redefines our ideas of infinity and affinity. When asked how long they have been together in an interview, 20-year-old Zion said, "it feels like forever."


Zion x YVY


With these sensually compelling vignettes of the couple in the YVY attire in a most intimate setting, Marvin Hugentobler's photographic realism captures "the quality of eloquence and brevity" at the root of intimacy as Laura Berlant elegantly puts it.

The beautiful images of skin, body and touch freeze the fleeting moments of intimacy, juxtaposed with abstract yet mesmerising fields of colors to hint at the warm, vital and enigmatic feeling that enwraps the loving couple as well as us the viewers.


The couple wears:

Picture 1: Both wear our genderless UNI Shoulder Piece and Zion matches it with the UNI Rings.

Picture 3: Zion with the adjustable Asymmetric Shoulder Piece.

Picture 5: Zion uses the Mini Box, the UNI Shoulder Piece and the UNI Rings.

Picture 6: Paula wears the Eyelet Top, a Bespoke piece, and Zion combines the Wrap Bracelet with the Asymmetric Shoulder Piece.

Picture 7: Zion with the Eyelet Choker 3 and the Net Vest.

Picture 9: Paula wears the Minimalist Harness Two Tone and Zion the Wrap Harness, now available in white leather.

Picture 10: Zion uses the Neck Tie Scarf.


Join us for an intimate moment, captured on 16mm film:


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