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The Zurich-based artist Pascal Möhlmann teamed up with YVY’s founder and creative director Yvonne Reichmuth to create hand-painted accessories around YVY’s last book theme, FEELINGS.

«COURAGE» is the theme of the three art pieces co-created by Pascal and Yvonne and one of the chapters in the recently released book where the two artists discuss provocation and beauty in their work.

The customized YVY classics – the UNI Shoulder PieceMoon Belt and the Asymmetric Handharness; all handmade from vegetable tanned leather – became pieces of art through Möhl­mann's paintings. They depict fragments of body parts such as a screaming mouth, a wildly looking eye or a clawing hand as well as objects like a broken champagne bottle and some shards.



The collaboration of YVY with Pascal, one of Switzerland's best-known contemporary painters, is eye-catching, and just as YVY's work blurs the boundaries of accessory and gar­ment, these sculptures cross the often-discussed boundaries of fashion and art.

The three one-of-a-kind pieces have just been launched at YVY's Gallery Takeover event in December 2021.




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