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In this chapter of the book FEELINGS, YVY founder and creative director Yvonne Reichmuth invited her collaborators to express their thoughts on what it is like to be part of Team YVY.

Manifested in its durable high-quality materials and alluring sensual design, YVY's strength and authenticity encourage contemporary citizens to boldly claim their own individualities and redefine conventions in a fast-paced and constantly changing global context.

It draws the like-minded together, some of which became its proud team members, whom this chapter is dedicated to.


wrap top yvy leather


Leather fashion in the 20th century was closely associated with rock and punk culture, and gay leather fetish, leather dyke & BDSM culture. Both were statements of sexuality that empowered youth or gender minorities, denoting toughness, rebellion (with or without a cause) and sensual or sexual temptations.

YVY is not statement clothing denoting rebellion, even though the confidence and sensual power it emits can be traced back to the sub-cultural heritage mentioned above.


Uni vest yvy leather

wrap harness yvy leather





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