YVY – a line of versatile, feminine leather accessories and classic clothing.

In 2013, YVY was founded in Zurich, Switzerland creating seasonal-independent designs where traditional craftsmanship meets innovation.

Away from mass production toward skillfully developed pieces of art; YVY stands for selected materials and high quality throughout the entirety of manufacturing. Each piece is handmade by Yvonne and her team, allowing them the ability to fulfill custom wishes.

All collections are handmade from the finest Italian leather and prove how seductive sustainability can be.

Each collection blurs the lines of traditional accessories and clothing; the range varying from bracelets, to body harnesses, to full dresses.

Detailed tracery, lacing and delicate rivets, combined with carefully crafted cuts, melt into transcendental pieces of craftsmanship.

The timeless, sophisticated clothing is designed to create the perfect backdrop for each of YVY’s leather accessories.

The collections are available through YVY’s own webshop as well as in selected boutiques.


Yvonne Reichmuth was born in 1986 in Switzerland. After graduating in Zurich in 2008 with a fashion design degree, she began her career as a womenswear designer.

Yvonne gained additional experience as a fashion stylist for editorial and advertising shoots and also created costumes for movies and made numerous custom pieces.

Developing a strong passion for leather, Yvonne studied in Florence for further education in leathercrafting and took her leather expertise to the next level.

Yvonne’s designs have been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Monica Bellucci, Kylie Jenner, Gwen Stefani, Janet Jackson and numerous other celebrities. Her work has been featured in editorials including Vogue, Interview, Love, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ. In addition and due to her love for traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde designs, Yvonne has won the Design Prize Switzerland for Young Fashion Entrepreneurs, the Premium Young Talent Award and has been invited for exhibitions and shows in Paris, Milan, Beijing, Berlin and Dubai.


YVY stands for fair conditions and believes in an open and transparent production process. Each decision made takes into account the people we work with, the conditions of the animals our skins are sourced from and the environment’s best interest.

Every piece is designed by Yvonne and is then brought to life in Switzerland by her and her team. As well, we collaborate closely with carefully selected Italian artisans for our leather accessories. All collections are made out of the finest Italian leather, primarily vegetable-tanned, and the mesh fabrics are made in Switzerland. The clothing production guarantees fair working conditions and a friendly environment.

With compassion for all living beings, all of the leather we use is a by-product from the food industry, insuring no animal is killed for its skin. The majority of our leather is vegetable-tanned, a century-old artisan tradition based on the use of natural tannin extracts. This means only natural oils and dyes are used, providing a safe process for the workers and the environment. This tedious process gives the leather a unique and natural look.