YVY featured in Trendbook 2016+ by Trendvision

The Carapace Harness and the Mini Handharness are featured in Trendbook 2016+ by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting “TRENDBOOK is the forecasting study which publishes, 18 months in advance, analyses of the macro-trends that will influence the way in which consumer styles and choices will evolve over the next few years. It has become the global,…


Institute magazine just published the YVY x PKHC headpieces.
Leather designer Yvonne Reichmuth of YVY and Hairstylist Pablo Kümin collaborated for a collection of three extravagant headpieces.
By artfully arranging leather around the head, YVY turned PKHC’s real hair creations into elaborate punk armors.
Swiss expertise mixed with out-of-this-world design fantasies