We are proud and happy to have received the Design Prize Switzerland
in the category
“Swiss Textile Prize for Young Fashion and Textile Entrepreneurs”! 

Visit Design Prize Switzerland’s website. 

The statement from the international jury, which included inspiring people such as Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia:
“The Zurich fashion label YVY has carried off a tour de force. In just a few years and in absolutely exemplary style, the designer and entrepreneur Yvonne Reichmuth succeeded in creating a niche for herself and her brand on the highly competitive international fashion market, and populating it with attractive products. The winning formula here has been based on harmonious design, optimum product quality, professional marketing, astute product placement, a sufficiency of social media skills and contemporary distribution structures. YVY’s success story, which if nothing else represents an encouragement to the younger generation of designers, deserves admiration and recognition. The jury has chosen to honour this achievement by awarding YVY the Swiss Textiles Prize for Young Fashion and Textile Entrepreneurs.”

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