YVY stands for fair conditions and believes in an open and transparent production process. Each decision made takes into account the people we work with, the conditions of the animals our skins are sourced from and the environment’s best interest.

Every piece is designed by Yvonne and is then brought to life in Switzerland by her and her team. As well, we collaborate closely with carefully selected Italian artisans. All collections are made out of the finest Italian leather, primarily vegetable-tanned, and the technical mesh is made in Switzerland.

With compassion for all living beings, all of the leather we use is a by-product from the food industry, insuring no animal is killed for its skin.

The majority of our leather is vegetable-tanned, a century-old artisan tradition based on the use of natural tannin extracts. This means only natural oils and dyes are used, providing a safe process for the workers and the environment. This tedious process gives the leather a unique and natural look.

Foto: Andrea Monica Hug